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Bed and Bath

Bed and Bath


  • Flexible displays that are easily changed—the 12 x 12 cubicles have painted inserts in summer colors for the summer market theme; they can be removed and be red and green for holiday times, etc. Also, they are made individually and can stack in many configurations.

  • Use of furniture pieces for display—The pieces lend a sense of warmth to what could be a stark, retail space. They also can be used to display different items at different times.

  • Prints and other wall hangings are not only for sale but also lend a sense of the home bedroom and bath.

  • Wrapped boxes of items on display lets shoppers see products without too many little items (bottles, jars, etc.). It also eliminates the need for gift wrapping at busy times.

  • Digital picture tags show items as well as prices — perhaps incentive to find an item pictured and buy it.

  • Inexpensive halogen track lighting provides highlighting for those important displays. Track lighting also is flexible and fixtures can be easily moved around.

  • Tiered displays add visual interest and can highlight items.

  • Using themes (summer, ice cream, etc.) can lead to interesting, creative displays (wash cloths as the ice cream in the ice cream cones).

  • Sparkle attracts attention—iridescent cellophane in copper tub suggests water, bubbles.

  • Design on glass—front display window—frames spaces and helps customers to focus on the space.

  • Use of whimsical items to catch attention and sell (fur coated doll for jewelry; elephant sponge for bath products).

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